Green Roofs

May 10, 2016

Green Roofs – The Eco-Friendly Roofing Option

Also known as vegetated roofs, nature roofs or eco roofs, the Green Roof is an innovative roofing option that can reduce the harsh effects of urbanization on the environment, especially in termsImportance of proper Green Roof of water contamination. This is accomplished by absorbing, filtering and detaining the rainwater.

These are made of a light weight soil media, under which is a drainage layer and then a high quality waterproof material that can protect the structure below from the effects of the water. The soil contains a wide selection of plants that will be able to withstand the harsh condition of roof life and the possibility of flooding when it rains hard.

Doing Green Roof the right way!Green roofs have been used throughout history and were especially popular in Northern Europe, where sod roofs and structures have been in use for shelter for hundreds of years. The modern application of this intelligent roofing option began in Germany about 30 years ago.

Because there had been problems with water quality and the limited system of controlling and managing stormwater runoff, this method was introduced to manage stormwater. The progress of this technology surged forward as ecological and economical considerations demanded a stormwater management system that could its work on-site.

Not only are Green Roofs aesthetically pleasing, but they can:

1 Reduce CO2 impact

2 Reduce the cost of Cooling in the Summer

3 Reduce the need for Heating in the Winter

4 Potentially increase the life expectancy of your roof

5 Reduce the harmful effects of acid rain

6 Reduce the amounts of Stormwater Runoff

There are some hydrologic processes that can be adjusted by design choices and will contribute to the management of stormwater, these include:

Ecobuilt Green Roofs Contractor

1 Percolation.

2 Collection of rainfall by plant foliage, and subsequent evaporation reduction.

3 Root zone moisture uptake and evapotranspiration.

4 Reduction in the runoff velocity

5 Infiltration.

6 Harnessing the physical, biological and chemical processes at work in the plants and soil media to filter out the airborne contaminants in the rainfall, and keep them from entering the drainage system.

7 Reducing runoff by absorbing the water and slowing the down the water from running off the roof.
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