Built Up Roofs

May 9, 2016

Built-Up Roofing Systems

Built-up roofs have been in use for over two hundred years. The technology is tried and true. This doesn’t mean that the materials and techniques involved haven’t been improved, though! Modern built-up roof systems in Mission are suitable for use in the most extreme climates and stand upBuilt Up Roofs done right well to the harshest of weather. Built-up roofs are still one of the most popular choices for covering commercial low-slope roofs all over the globe.

Compared to other roofing options, built-up systems have extremely low life cycle costs. These roofs can be designed to fit virtually any budget. Repairs on built-up roofs are easier than on many other kinds of ply roofs. As with any roof, though, a built-up system requires regular cleaning and maintenance (ideally on a biannual schedule) to keep them in top condition and make them last as long as possible.

The Benefits Of Built-Up Systems

A properly installed built-up roof delivers multi-layer protection. It resists wind uplift, fire, and all forms of extreme weather. Built-up roofs provide excellent thermal insulation, great tensile strength, and durability. Built-up roofs can be installed on any kind of deck, hold up well to foot traffic, and can be adapted to work with virtually any kind of penetration or flashing. Thanks to their multiple layers, they minimize the chances of leakage.

Comparing Proposals For Built-Up Roofs

Doing Built Up Roofs the right way!

There are a wide range of different design options for built-up roof systems. Two proposed built-up roofs may have very different prices. The factors listed here can significantly influence the cost of a given roof:

1 Total number of layers
2 Safety / fall protection provisions
3 Weight of base sheet
4 Spacing of Fasteners
5 Priming
6 Treatment of rooftop coolers, chillers, and A/C equipment
7 Reusing existing flashing and counter-flashing
8 Rate of asphalt application
9 Providing full three-coursed penetrations including web and coating

Relatively small variations in these factors can produce significant differences in price. More importantly, they can affect a roof’s quality and durability significantly.

Built-Up Roofs With Energy Star Coatings

A built-up roof in Mission, Texas that features a reflective coating can be considered a cool roof. When a final Energy Star coating is properly installed on a built-up roof, average summertime temperatures can drop by 60-100 degrees. This translatesWhy the right Built Up Roofs is so important in Mission into reduced energy costs and a reduction in urban pollution and heat island effects. A reflective coating is effectively a ‘sacrifice’ layer that minimizes damage caused by thermal shock. It also protects against the normal dimensional stress caused by cool precipitation falling on a warm roof.

In addition regular cleaning and preventative maintenance, top coatings can be restored by re-applying them every 10-12 years. This bypasses the need for any costly roof removal and replacement process. It also minimizes the amount of waste produced over the lifetime of a roof — used roofing materials currently make up almost 10 percent of the content in US landfills.



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