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May 10, 2016
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Advantages Of Metal Roofs

Are you considering using metal for your next roof? This is potentially an excellent choice to make, but you need to weigh the decision carefully. Read on the learn about the benefits and drawbacks of installing metal roofing in Mission, along with the typical costs and installation proceduresImportance of proper Metal Roofs in Mission involved.

Metal Roofs Defined

A metal roof is one in which the entire exterior surface is sheathed in metal pieces or tiles made of metal. Residential metal roofing is a premium building material designed for maximum durability. It’s highly resistant to rust and the effects of adverse weather.

Metal Roofing Advantages

One of the most significant advantages to installing a metal roof is the material’s incombustible nature. Homes with metal roofs are much less likely to catch fire. Metal roofs are also great at handling lightning strikes.

Metal roofing offers great energy efficiency. It reflects unwanted heat during the summer, keeping cooling costs down. A properly insulated metal roof in CITY will do a similar job in the winter, holding in your home’s heat and minimizing the cost of heating.

There are environmental benefits to using a metal roof, too. Most forms of roofing generate huge amounts of waste, but metal roofing is built using a minimum of 25 percent recycled material. All the parts of aEcobuilt provides Metal Roofs in Mission Texas metal roof can be fully recycled once it reaches the end of its useful life, too.

Speaking of the roof’s useful life, that life can be an extremely long one with metal roofing. Metal roof systems are often warrantied by their manufacturers for 30 or even 50 years. Good metal roof installers will also warranty their workmanship on metal roofs.

Coatings For Metal Roofs

A properly designed metal roofing system is more than just the metal itself. Each piece of the roof is sheathed in a tough, durable coating intended to stop corrosion. This coating is bonded permanently to the metal during the manufacturing process, ensuring that there’s no way for rust to form on your roof. Common coatings include zinc-only (galvanized) and zinc-aluminum mixtures (known as galvalume or zincalume). Most metal roofs also receive a premium coat of paint to prevent chalking or fading after installation. For increased heat reflection, some metal roofs are coated in ceramics to keep as much of the sun’s energy out as possible.

Ecobuilt Metal Roofs in Mission Texas

Metal Roofing Maintenance

By opting for a metal roof, you’re capping off your home with a very durable product. Most metal roofing systems have modest maintenance requirements that call for minimal financial outlay. Roofs bearing an ‘AG’ or ‘Utility’ grade do require regular maintenance in the form of re-coating to maintain their anti-corrosion properties.

Thanks to their durability and toughness, metal roofs are becoming steadily more popular with homeowners. If putting metal roofing on your home sounds like a good idea to you, take the time to review your different options carefully. You’re making a choice that will likely stick with you for decades in the future.
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