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May 10, 2016
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Understanding Estimates From Roofers

When your Mission home needs a new roof, you should definitely solicit quotes from more than one roofing contractor. It can be tough to compare estimates side-by-side when they’re prepared by different companies, though. Here’s a general guide to breaking down the roofing estimates you receive.
Importance of proper Roofing Estimates in Mission

Unfortunately, estimates on roof replacements don’t have a standardized format. There are still some basic items you should see addressed by any reasonable estimate, though. This list covers most of the common expenses:

* Roof covering specification — manufacturer, model, color selection
* Estimate for cost of removing your existing roof
* Estimate for debris and refuse disposal
* Dumpster and equipment rental fees
* Estimate for cost of all materials — roof covering, underlaymant, gutters, flashing, drip edges, and ventilation fittings as needed
* Timeline or schedule
* Warranty details for both workmanship and materials
* Methods of payment and payment schedule

Questions To Ask Your Contractors

1 Doing Roofing Estimates the right way! Does this estimate take taxes into consideration?

2 When will final payment be due? — Full payment should not be given to the contractor until the work is complete and you’ve approved his workmanship.

3 Do you provide surplus materials (e.g. shingles or tiles) for repairs in the future?

4 Are you properly insured? — Professional contractors need to have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance while they’re working on your property. Do not employ uninsured contractors; the risks are too great.

5 Do you have your contractor’s license? — Most licensing bodies (states or cities) make it easy to confirm that licenses are up to date by checking online.

6 What are the details of your warranty?Why the right Roofing Estimates is so important in Mission — Roofing materials are usually warrantied by their manufacturers, but your contractor is responsible for guaranteeing his workmanship. Ask for a rundown on what is and is not included in his warranties.

7 Who takes responsibility for accidental damage during the roofing job?

8 How long have you been doing roofing work? — Ask your CITY contractor for examples of their past work and references from past clients.

9 Do you have a clean safety record?

You should have a written contract which specifies all of the details listed here before you make any commitments to your roofer. In most cases, the financial stakes are high enough to justify having this contract reviewed by a lawyer.
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