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May 10, 2016

Repairing Your Roof

Hiring a professional roofing contractor is our recommendation if you are looking to have your roof repaired, a professional is the way to go with a job like this. You can however take preventative measures before it gets to the point where you will need a roofing contractor.

Everything in yourRoof Repair done right house is protected thanks to your roof, if you want to prevent roof damage due to strong winds, heavy rains, storms and other weather related circumstances you can do so by following the simple preventative measures offered below.

Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

If a storm or any other major weather were to hit the smallest of leaks on a roof which has not been noticed can turn into a big issue, The best way to keep an eye out for leaks is carefully looking over your interior ceilings and walls for any water damage and stains which could be indicators of a leak. Next time you have a rainstorm with the use of a flashlight look for leaks in the attic, rafters and roof deck.

Watch Out For Nature

Tree branches left to scrape up against the roof or that have fallen are responsible for a lot of roof damage. Long tree branches which extend over the roof should be cut and a professional should be brought in to inspect the outside area for any trees that need to be completely removed. Gutters and roof valleys should be regularly cleared of branches, leaves and general litter. If there were a clog water would not properly drain.

It Is Best To Prevent

Doing Roof Repair the right way!If the season of storms or winter are approaching take preventative action by hiring a professional roofing contractor who can properly inspect your roof and repair any shingles, caulking or flashing that may be worn out or damaged. The most common areas for a leak to occur are where the roof and sidewalls meet as well as areas with penetrations such as chimneys, vent pipes and skylights.

Loose shingle tabs are easy to re-adhere with the use of asphalt roofing cement and any shingles that are broken or missing can be replaced individually. It is never a good idea to wait until stormy or winter seasons are upon you to begin roofing repairs. It may seem as if repairs are pricey but if they are not handled the entire roof may have to be replaced and any damages which could potentially occur to your belongings, interior furniture etc could be expensive.

Only Quality Performance and Protection Roofing System Products Should Used

Shingles, waterproofing and/or water-resistant underlayments as well accessories should all be to quality and meet or even exceed the performance standards which are set by the UL or ASTM building codes. It is importantEcobuilt Roof Repair to take your geographical location into consideration when choosing the products you will use to guard your home from the elements and weather.

Choose your materials wisely if you live in an area that is:

1 A snowy area your waterproofing underlayment should be superior quality.
2 An area with high winds or hurricane seasons a shingle that is warranted to hold up against winds high speed winds from a 110 to 130 mph should be used.
3 In a hailstorm area an impact resistant rated shingle which will provide higher protection as well as provide you with the homeowner’s discount insurance is offered by most insurance companies.
4 In a sunny state a solar reflective shingles which can help lower your energy bills is the way to go.
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