Roofing Calculator

May 10, 2016

Roofing Calculator

When a roof in your home needs to be replaced the most important bit of information you will need is the exact roof area. This is not as difficult as it may sound. If you are afraid of heights therefore dread climbing ladders well there are some measuring methods that do not require you being on your roof. Although you cannot get a measurement that is one hundred percent accurate it will be close enough to provide a precise measurement.Roofing Calculator by

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The first thing that must be measured with the use of a measuring tape from ground up is each side of your house. If the length is multiplied by the width then you will have the measurements to the ground area of your house. There are times however in which the house is not shaped like a square or rectangular. If your house is irregularly shaped then the ground area must be divided in separate parts and the area then figured out. To figure out what the total area of your house is by simply adding them all together.
The next step would be converting the area of the houseInstalling Roofing Calculator the right way! - into roofing squares. For every one hundred square feet of roof it is equal to one roof square. So the house area must be divided by one hundred. Let’s say that your house area is two thousand square feet, the roofing square number for your roof will be twenty. Using the metric system, the house will be around one hundred and eighty six square meters, this is because on meter is equal to 10.76 feet. The amount of roofing squares for one hundred and eighty six sq. is twenty as well.

Roof Pitch

Calculation of the roof pitch is what follows. A roof will have one of three pitches: high, medium or low. A high pitch roof rises over nine inches to every twelve inches of base horizontal length. A medium pitch roof will rise between six to nine inches for every twelve base horizontal length inches. A low pitch rise rises three inches to every twelve base horizontal length inches. The roof pitch can be estimated by sight.

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The Roof Square Area

The final step is finding out the square roof area which can be done by multiplying the number of roofing square, let’s say for a low pitch roof by 1.06 to 1.42, this will depend on the pitch of the roof. The end result it the square area of your roof. It is fortunate that due to the fact that many people are not fond of calculations and others are not very good at estimating there is a roofing calculator which will take care of all the measurements so you do not have to worry about them.
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