Slate Roofs

May 10, 2016
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Slate Roofs

Slate is a natural mineral product that is mined out of quarries. Large blocks are split by hand to produce shingles. When installed properly, slate can deliver one of the most dramatic, aesthetically appealing choices for roofing material. Due to their natural origin, every slate shingleSlate Roofs done right is subtly different; this lends a slate roof a rich character. Professional roofers have long known that slate is one of the most durable choices for a roof. Even under highly varied climactic conditions, a slate roof can easily last for more than a century.

Facts About Slate Roofs

Despite its natural, individualistic qualities, you have several different choices available to you when you pick out slate for a roof.

1 Slates are cut in several different standardized sizes. Lengths, widths, and thicknesses can vary to suit different structural, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements.

2 RoofingEcobuilt provides Slate Roofs in West Jordan Utah slates are available in a variety of colors, including gray, black, green, red, and purple. A roof will have a consistent overall color as long as all of its slates come from the same source, but the variations in individual pieces will give it a rich depth and texture.

3 Besides the slate itself, a slate roof system includes the underlayment and flashings that go along with the stone. The longevity of a slate roof often depends on these parts even more than the slates themselves. All three components need to be installed correctly by experienced professionals.

4 The ideal form of slate for roofing work is S1 Grade. This slate absorbs no more than 0.25 percent of the water that strikes it, and water penetrates no more deeply than 0.002 inches. S1 slate can support 575 pounds with no damage. S1 roofing slates should last at least 75 years after installation.Ecobuilt Slate Roofs in West Jordan Utah

5 There are three installation styles used for slate roofs: standard, graduated, or textural.

New and existing slate roofs need regular maintenance if they are to achieve their maximum lifespan. According to roofing contractors, repairs to damage on a slate roof need to executed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of damage and keep the system as a whole strong.
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